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How to Submit a Case Report

In order to submit Case Reports to the SCC Case Report Library, you must first join the SCC Website. Please send us an e-mail at to request your unique username and password. Only physicians and health care practitioners who work directly with patients using cannabis are eligible for SCC website accounts. You do not need to be a SCC member to receive an account.

12 Credit Clinical Cannabinoid Medicine Curriculum

SCC, in collaboration with The Medical Cannabis Institute, launches the first online, medical cannabis curriculum that presents, in sequential order, a series of 12 courses designed to take a practicing clinician from the basics of the plant, its history and the underlying physiologic (endocannabinoid) system to the pharmacology and clinical practice of medical cannabis. Healthcare professionals can claim up to 12 CME credits (AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™), receiving a certificate of competency in clinical cannabinoid medicine upon curriculum completionLearn More

Out-Of-State Consultation Consent Form

A consent form for doctors who are consulting about medical cannabis with out-of-state patients. This form outlines the purely educational nature of out-of-state consultations, which are not to be viewed as professional medical advice and in which diagnoses and recommendations are not provided.

Out-of-State Consent

SCC Membership Application

To become a member, please apply by filling out our Membership Application.  When your application has been reviewed and accepted, an invoice for dues will be sent to you. Once dues are paid, a membership packet will be sent and you will be added to our email list of current members. It’s as simple as that.  We welcome new members!

SCC Membership Application

Can You Recommend Cannabis to Patients?

Several years ago, I knew that many of my patients were using cannabis. I wanted to open the discussion as part of their complete health care, but I was afraid. If I even mentioned it…would they think that I myself was a chronic pothead? Would they quit trusting my medical care or judgment? Would I regret it?

Then one day I had an unusual request. A patient who also happened to be a police officer, stopped to talk before leaving the office and said, “Doc – would you please start writing more recommendations for medical marijuana? I find pot in people’s possession and I ask them for their recommendation, and if they don’t have one I have to take them in. I don’t want to waste our time anymore. Please do your part to help.”

That was the day I decided to add medical cannabis recommendations to my full scope family practice.

Full Article:  On Recommending Cannabis to Patients

Approval Document

Recommendations can be very concise. We provide a template here – one being used currently in physicians’ practices.

If the physician’s letterhead and contact information is added, this form will suffice.

It is advised to provide two copies to the patient, one for their files and one to carry with them. At least one of these copies should be embossed to verify it is the original. A third copy should be kept in the patient’s chart.

If the patient chart has a full medical history and examination, and a release of liability statement signed, a simple statement of recommendation is all that is needed.

This form is provided as an example only.

Sample approval form: Recommendation Template

Health History Questionnaire

This form may seem overly detailed, but it provides the recommending physician information that will assist in collecting data later as part of retrospective studies. We do encourage gathering as much background information as possible on our patients. Often this information helps clarify the effects and therapeutic usage of medical cannabis for specific diagnoses.

Download here:  Health History Questionaire