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Cannabis in Pediatric Practice

A screenshot from a video of our Marchr 17th 2017 meeting. Bonni Goldstein, MD is a physician and medical director at Canna-Centers, a group of medical practices throughout California that educates patients on the use of cannabis therapy. She has significant experience using cannabis therapeutics in her pediatric practice for patients with various conditions such as seizures, cancer, autism, and mental health conditions and presents her findings at the March 12, 2017 Quarterly Meeting (Huntington Beach, CA).

Novel Research on THCA

A screenshot from a video of our December 4th 2016 meeting. Guillermo Moreno-Sanz, PhD is an Assistant Project Scientist at UC Irvine. He presents his novel reserch on the cannabinoid THCA at the December 4, 2016 Quarterly Meeting (Oakland, CA).

Cannabis and the Brain: Neuroprotection vs Toxicity

A screenshot from a video of our June 2016 meeting.Gregory Gerdeman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biology at Eckerd College and expert on the physiology and evolutionary neurobiology underlying the endocannabinoid system (ECS) presents to SCC at the June quarterly meeting.

2016 California Ballot Initiative Update

A screenshot from a video of our April 2016 meeting.Dale Gieringer, PhD, state coordinator of California NORML, and a co-founder of the California Drug Policy Reform Coalition and of Californians for Compassionate Use, discusses the latest California ballot initiative.

Fatty Acid Binding Proteins (FABPs)

A presentation to the SCC in December 2015 by Cannabis researcher Dale Deutsch, Professor of BioChemistry and Cell Biology at Stony Brook University.