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Cancer pain alleviated

Medical ConditionCancer

Female patient, age 37, presented with stage 4 breast cancer. Four years previously she presented for medical consultation elsewhere with a 14 cm breast mass, despite having 2 young children. After bilaterlateral mastectomy (one prophylactic, but the second breast turned out to also have neoplasms) she did a short course of typical Adriamycin, 5FU type therapy, which she did not tolerate well. Decided to assiduously remove sugar and processed foods from diet. Did quite well for nearly 4 years when I first met her. She had, according to her, become "a little careless" with diet and was getting increasingly severe rib, pelvis and femur pain. Work up revealed extensive metastatic disease, with only the brain spared. One doctor wanted her to start hospice care right away and she tried morphine but this made her extremely constipated and lethargic. I recommended a high CBD "goo" (kind of like a gooey shatter, which is CO2 extracted from a slurry of the entire hemp plant, grown in Holland, pelletized in Germany and packed in San Diego, CA) and I estimate she took about 200-250 mg CBD daily, which controlled her pain well.

Cannabidiol alleviates eosinophilic esophagitis

Medical ConditionGastrointestinal disorders

This 31-year-old white male with heartburn and dysphagia unresponsive to antacids was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis. He finds relief of his symptoms by using cannabidiol rich concentrates.

A 37 y/o PhD university research associate with retinitis pigmentosa found relief of associated symptoms with cannabis and subjective slowdown in progression of vision loss.

Congenital cataracts

Medical ConditionGlaucoma

This 58-year-old patient was born with bilateral cataracts. He had surgery on one eye at age 3. Eventually he developed near blindness in that eye and severe vision loss in the other. He suffers from constant eye discomfort, frequent headaches and tearing. He uses edible marijuana for prolonged mydriasis, which improves his vision and relieves his other symptoms.

Marijuana Is Helpful in Xerostomia

Medical ConditionCancer chemotherapy

A 39-year-old retired cab driver treated with radiation and chemotherapy for tonsillar cancer 4 years ago finds medical marijuana helpful in reducing oral mucosal dryness and the need for special dental hygiene.

Rectal spasms (Levator ani syndrome, proctalgia fugax)

Medical ConditionGastrointestinal disorders

Proctalgia fugax is a recurrent episodic form of a more prolonged and severe condition called levator ani syndrome. It is associated with often excruciating rectal pain and great difficulty defecating. It involves the internal anal sphincter and may represent neuralgia of the pudendal nerves. It has no known cure.

Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer was treated with cannabis after failure of conventional therapy. Cancer disappeared after 4 years of regular cannabis use.