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This case study focuses on the use of CBD within long term behavior therapy. CBD was used for harm reduction: reduce binge drinking and the associated emotional triggers of the addiction, anxiety and problems with emotional regulation. A very beneficial treatment sequence was revealed in the therapy, the initial use of CBD then the addition of meditation to form a treatment package which increased mindfulness and reflective functioning. This case shows that psycho education is an integral process of CBD initiation.

This case highlights a trail of CBD in an ongoing behavior therapy. CBD was used to: break a cycle of insomnia, secondary to a major depressive episode and reduce alcohol consumption as per an addiction.

Mixed mood disorder

Medical ConditionPsychiatric disorders

52 y/o male with mixed mood disorder on muliple medications with incomplete improvement, responded well to CBD rich strains of cannbis.

Chronic recurring uveitis / iritis responds to cannabis

Medical ConditionAutoimmune disorders

60 y.o. woman with 37 year history of iritis/uveitis. Inflammation and dull aching eye pain was managed with oral prednisone followed by continuous use of steroid eye drops until two years ago when the treating ophthalmologist recommended a trial of cannabis which she found eliminated her need for all oral steroids and nearly all topical steroids for the past 2 1/2 years.

Cannabis Overdose

Medical ConditionAdverse effects

After smoking an unknown (organic) sample of high-THC cannabis, patient became dizzy and anxious. Symptoms rapidly progressed to complete inability to use voluntary muscles for a period of approximately 30 minutes. All symptoms resolved after several hours of sleep.