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Dupuytren's Contracture resolves with topical cannabis salve

Medical ConditionArthritis


46 year old male carpenter with slowly progressing Dupuytren's contacture of his right 3rd finger was advised to try using a home made concentrated cannabis salve with an occlusive barrier (nitrile glove) at bedtime in order to reduce daytime pain. Patient returned one year later for his medical cannabis recommendation withnear complete resolution of the contracture.


Painful finger contracture deformity with palmar fascia and flexor tendon deformity

Pain Scale: Before Cannabis Use


Pain Scale: After Cannabis Use






Brief history and target symptomatology

Several year progression of palmar fascia and flexor tendon contracture of the right third finger was making it more and more difficult for this patient to swing a hammer on the job. He was looking for a non-psychoative alternative for daytime pain relief. Exam found a classic thickened and deformed palmar fascia with firm bead deformities of the flexor tendon.

Previous and current conventional therapies

Massage, splinting.

Clinical response to Cannabis

Within several weeks of bedtime cannabis salve and a glove the contracture had nearly entirely resolved.

Additional Comments

Dupuytre's contractures may in part be due to upregulation of myofibroblasts. The endocannabinoid system has been described as a mediator of mesenchymal stromal cell immunosuppressive properties.

Usual method of Cannabis administration


Cannabis strain (if known)

High THC/Low CBD strain

Frequency of Usage: Time Per Day


Frequency of Usage: Days per Week


Contributing Physician

John Lovejoy, DO