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Anxiety Associated with Dying

Medical ConditionCancer


54 year old woman dying of metastatic breast cancer, restless and anxious and confused – requiring regular doses of Ativan for minimal relief but not able to communicate with family due to side effects of the benzodiazepine.


Anxiety, Insomnia


Breast, female





Brief history and target symptomatology

Four year h/o metastatic breast cancer, in liver failure and within 4 days of dying. Had a history of anxiety disorder well managed by occasional benzodiazepines. Was not a cannabis user previous to chemotherapy; resistant to using during chemotherapy. Did not like the ‘wooziness’ side effects. Agitated, restless, and anxious about the rapidity of her demise.

Previous and current conventional therapies

Ativan (lorazepam), liquid morphine.
Tried THC cannabis and did not like side effects during chemo.
Tried CBD-Rich cannabis and reported rapid and complete relief from chemotherapy side effects (nausea, dizziness, GI pain and anxiety).

Clinical response to Cannabis

Given CBD-Rich cannabis in honey-butter edible mode of administration. After first dose of CBD butter did not require any more lorazepam. Was able to communicate her needs and rest without side effects.

Additional Comments

She ran out of the CBD butter and her caregivers attempted to give her THC butter. After a single dose she refused any more, saying that it made her woozy. CBD was obtained and was sufficient until she died.

Usual method of Cannabis administration


Cannabis strain (if known)


Frequency of Usage: Time Per Day


Frequency of Usage: Days per Week