Health Care Associates Membership




Benefits include:

  • Membership in a professional group that promotes integrity and standards of practice in cannabis medicine.
  • Our regional referral service connects you to professionals who contact SCC in search of experienced cannabis clinicians and researchers.
  • Collegiality & information sharing with physicians recommending and studying medicinal cannabis.
  • 20% Discount on educational programs offered by SCC including our online 12 credit CME course in cannabinoid medicine.
  • Complimentary copies of O’Shaughnessy’s, The Journal of Cannabis in Clinical Practice.
  • Free attendance to the General Membership portion of our quarterly meetings alternating between northern and southern California featuring medical, legal & scientific experts in the field of clinical cannabis, and at annual membership meetings. Online meeting attendance is available for those members who cannot come to California to join our meetings in person.
  • Your dues provide support for our website, which is consistently updated with the latest full text research studies in medical cannabis.
  • Your dues provide support for our free medical cannabis Vimeo Library, and regularly updated Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Access and the opportunity to contribute to our Case Report Library.
  • Complimentary subscription to SCC’s Newsfeed and O’Shaughnessy’s Notes, delivering cutting edge cannabis research and breaking news to your e-mail inbox weekly.